Tailor Shop by Alex & Eli

Proudly Hand-Crafted in NYC

  1. We really dig supporting local economy; it’s important, and we love that our clothes make a contribution.
  2. New York’s garment district is a historical, exciting, vibrant area full of life, diversity, and the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry. There’s no slowing down and there’s no better place to get inspired than in the heart of where it’s all happening.
  3. We love the factories we work with. Yes indeed, plain and simple, maybe a bit sappy, but since the day Alex & Eli opened it’s doors as a company that specialized in women’s sartorial duds, we’ve been loyal to the peeps we work with… they’re pretty much family at this point. So envision your suit is being handcrafted by the likes of your favorite aunt or uncle and a few other bubbly participants.
  4. The Alex & Eli team is there every step of the way. From hand selecting a delicious rainbow of luxurious wools, choosing the perfect threads and making sure every stitch is perfection, we stand behind our tailored creations so you can look as polished as ever.

So the moral of this story? It’s time to pop your collars and flash your covert credos ladies… you are wearing clothes that were customized by you and meticulously crafted by us for you.

We’ll cheers to that!

The Alex & Eli team